Peeps at People

Snippets taken from the Sunday Times 29/10/1905 about Goldfields folk:

H. WILKIN, of Kalgoorlie, is alleged to have been captured by Macedonian brigands 10 years ago and to have been ransomed for several thousand quid. Only fair to mention that the gentleman runs -a fish business, ___________ Neil Douglas, goldfields traffic superintendent, is a Maorilander- Commenced to acquire his knowledge of rail way work as a navvy, and worked for some years with a hard-swearing gang. He does not roll his sleeves up now. _____________ C. J. Moran is fond of referring to his early struggles. Told an open-air audience the other night that he was brought up on a remote Queensland selection, and was often yanked out of bed at dawning to go and bring in the cows. _________ E. W. Hocking. sleeping partner in the Kalgoorlie '"Miner," won the, first two-year-old race of the year with Simell. Hocking's hobbies are horses and trips to Singapore. ____________ Alleged that one of the candidates for an agricultural constituency could not pass the immigration test. He can scrawl his own name, and that's all. ______________ Buzzacott, Labor candidate for Menzies a second time, is an enthusiastic Labor-in-politics advocate! Came West in 1899 from Broken Hill, where his brother was Mayor. Is president of the Miners' Union in Menzies, and P.L.P. Been shearing in South Aus. and mining in Broken Hill. ___________ One of Kalgoorlie's, best-known press-men was a "supe" in Henry Irving's company, what time the late actor knight starred with Terry at 'Frisco in 1896. Both Irving and Terry-were masses of mannerisms behind the scenes, not infrequently snapping at each other when any hitch in the performance occurred. Both stars made a regular practice of gargling diluted claret, to clear their voice apparatus, after each exit.

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