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Sunday Times, 29 Jan 1905

Playing with Kamballie in the goldfields senior cricket competition E. Jones has this year captured 30 wickets for an average of 8.333. The old Australian "eleven bowler is not done yet

How the. old-timers of the roaring days keep turning up, invariably hard up and mostly in a state of shicker. A Sun man met Jack Sylvester the other day.' Jack has been at the "X" since the-anti-Deemmg days. Was present at the arrest of that gentleman, and heard him blandly assure the doctor it was all a mistake. Even then there were three pubs at the Cross-the; Club, the Cri., and the Blood-house. Sixty-three years of age, and as full of fight as a young man of twenty five: He has traversed every inch of the 'fields and assured "The Sun" man that he believed that he was on the gold this time. Hard-livers those men of the roaring days. But no wonder they get the gold. You couldn't kill "'ern with an axe.

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