The Tree - a poem by Brian Leo, age 11, 1979

I found a typed copy of this poem in Norma King's papers. On the covering envelope she wrote, Poem "The Tree" by Brian Leo written when aged 11, Special Prize (book) Artlook Poetry Stakes 1979. If anyone knows if Brian continued his writing career, please comment below!

The Tree See the bee go to the tree, he's looking for his hive,

the tree's old trunk is big and brown, the leaves fresh and alive

The dewdrops fall as daylight comes, a bird sings from its nest,

it's plain to see a honey bee and morning at its best.

The sun goes high up in the sky, guess what the tree has got?

- it has some people in its shade, because it is so hot -

When evening comes and all the sun's rays have gone down for the night,

the big tree stands out silver lined among the magic light.

The morning comes again and then the rooster starts to crow,

the farmers wake up then they go to work their crops to sow.

The green grass grows around the tree and makes a pattern bright,

a scene which can be viewed at day and even in the night. The tree is big and friendly too, it gives us shad and fruit,

its branches are like legs and arms, and green leaves are its suit.

Written by - Brian Leo Age - 11 137 Piesse Street, Boulder, W.A. Won a special prize at Artlook Poetry Stakes in 1979


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